Mr. Blade® provides Factory Direct belt cleaner sales and service when you need them most.

Visiting plants all over the world in every industry, we find that 9 out of 10 belt cleaners in the field are not installed or maintained properly to achieve optimum results, and we are on a mission to change that fact. We want our products to provide the best possible outcome and are taking responsibility in our own hands to ensure peak performance at all times. It's Mr. Blade® to the rescue! 

This program is FREE and 100% unique.

For the price of a replacement blade, Martin expert technicians (MSHA & OSHA Certified), will include:
  • Factory-direct special pricing
  • Free personal delivery
  • Free professional blade installation
  • Custom on-site cutting
  • Free mainframes and tensioner parts as needed
  • Continuing professional multipoint survey of your full system
  • Guaranteed optimal performance for the life of the blade
  • Regular service of your belt cleaning and sealing systems
  • Retrofit blades to replace blades from any manufacturer
  • Remote monitoring with our innovative N2® technology
    • Continuous 24/7 monitoring
    • Provides alerts and reports
    • Accessible via any device

You'll have time to focus on the rest of your job while the Mr. Blade® Team does all the maintenance on your cleaning and sealing systems! Mr. Blade® Guarantees Optimal Cleaning Performance for the Life of the Blade!

Mr. Blade Nationwide Service Program:

  • Introduced in 2016
  • Now serving 500+ customers
  • Maintaining 7,000+ conveyors
  • Industry-leading tensioning and monitoring systems
  • Factory-direct sales and service
    • Experienced factory-trained and certified technicians
    • Right part, right place, right time
    • Installation and maintenance
The Martin forever guarantee provides FREE Martin® mainframe and tensioner parts for LIFE, included in the purchase of  Martin® Replacement Blades.

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