Decades of experience allow us to provide you with a cleaner, safer and more productive operation.

Martin Engineering's 75+ year history and global presence in 19 countries represents more than just numbers. With customers in many industries and sectors around the world, Martin Engineering is a world leader in helping the bulk materials handling industries, such as the mining, cement, coal, steel and other industries, to make their processes cleaner, safer and more productive.

These numbers mean something.

They mean that, no matter what your particular challenge is, we’ve probably seen it many, many times and already know how to fix it.

Martin Engineering is a world leader in helping industries handle bulk materials, making their processes cleaner, safer and more productive. With a global presence, focus on innovation, safety, sustainability, and performance; our products and solutions guarantee the availability and reliability of conveyor systems.

Through our solutions and services, we improve production capacity by ensuring the useful life of the conveyor belt and other conveyor components. We are more than just a manufacturer of quality products; we are a provider of expertise.

Martin Engineering offers technologies that boost flow, reduce dust and spillage, extend component life, and reduce downtime, resulting in improved operating environments and increased profitability.

All this, ensuring the useful life of the conveyor components, valuing the health and safety of our employees, in addition to contributing to the preservation of the environment and support for local communities.

Seven decades of excellence… and counting!

Since 1944, when we introduced the Vibrolator® Ball Vibrator, we have manufactured durable products that help our customers handle bulk materials efficiently, safely and profitably. Our products are the best in the world at ensuring conveyor availability and reliability, keeping belts clean and minimizing carryback, making transfer points more efficient, managing fugitive dust and preventing obstructions in material flow.

Our technicians and engineers, many of whom have worked for years in the industries we serve, have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that we share with our customers every day.

And by the way, that Vibrolator® Vibrator we invented more than 70 years ago? To this day, it’s still a steady seller.

We stand by our guarantees

Our guarantee is the best in the business for one simple reason: We want you to have confidence in our products before you close the deal with us! While the specific terms depend on the product, our guarantees all boil down to this: if our product or engineered system – installed and serviced by Martin – does not perform to your satisfaction, you may return the equipment for cash or credit equal to the cost of the system.

Commitment to Community, Environment and Corporate Governance

An important part of our organizational culture and our corporate responsibility is our commitment to strengthening the communities where we live and work, preserving the Environment, in a very transparent way. Our People&Culture department, with the support of our leadership, is always aligned with the ESG criteria, raising employee awareness and carrying out actions such as volunteering and social campaigns. Our Engineering department also plays a key role in applying ESG criteria: our technicians and engineers strive daily to develop more sustainable solutions that maintain typical Martin delivery and performance.

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